Best Black Jeans

The boot-cut ones are often considered the original jeans. They are loved by all people, from cowboys to fashion conscious girls, for many decades now. Many jeans styles have appeared on the scene and fallen out with time, but the boot-cut has remained a classic. The boot-cut ones fit the thighs, but then flare slightly from the knees. A pocket detailing can help complement your look. Furthermore, a mid-rise boot-cut is often considered a flattering pair of jeans.

· Skinny jeans

Black skinny jeans offer a wardrobe staple and are a favorite for many fashion conscious women. Not only do they make a woman look smart and attractive, they go a long way in making a woman look fashionable. They look great when they are worn with heels and boots, making them a versatile shape. They also remain tight from the legs down to the ankles. Women who are interested in a super skinny fit may consider a pair of black jeans with ankle zips.

Secret Behind Ribbon Sandals

First of all, the simplicity of these items is truly striking. Although fashion trends keep on talking about the importance of details and elaborate pieces, it is interesting that these sandals continue to be highly appreciated. Surely, the best explanation for this phenomenon is their simplicity. Because the only detail is a silk ribbon that goes up the leg, these sandals hold a leading position among the most preferred summer fashion items people have. Secondly, another characteristic of this item is comfort. Flat ribbon sandals are extremely comfortable and the wearer feels great in them. Without giving up in design, these items are easily worn, being perfect for vacation, walks on the beach or in high temperatures. For once, fashion is not about tormenting your body just to look pretty. With these sandals, you have only to gain. Another reason for which women seem not to get enough of these items is the fact that ribbon sandals fit in any kind of outfit. You can wear them on the beach with nothing else than a wraparound skirt as easily as would wear them on an elegant, long dress. This advantage is amazing in itself. Even if it had this only trait, it would still have been a wise investment.

Tips For Baby Clothes

Choosing the right baby clothes may be a tricky business. It’s hard even for parents, not to mention for people who don’t have kids but need to buy them as a gift. Before you enter a baby clothes store, make sure you are already decided on what it is that you want to buy, otherwise you will get caught in the frenzy mentioned above. There is no “just looking around” in a baby store, as the minute you walk in, you will see at least a couple of items you will surely buy. Upon deciding what you want the gift to be, go straight to that shelf of items or, if you decided to shop online for affordable baby clothes, then make sure you search for that specific item of clothing, otherwise you will be tempted to reconsider as you browse through the hundreds or thousands of web pages and clothing items. Instead of typing into your browser “baby clothes”, try searching for more specific keywords, such as “baby rompers” or “baby bottoms”. This way, you will certainly reduce the number of results, although you should still expect a wide variety of products.

Mustard Pie Clothing

When choosing the name for her new boutique girls clothing brand, Shannon remembered a funny story from when she was a child. At just five years old, she tried to replicate her mother’s famous Lemon Meringue Pie for Mother’s Day. She searched the cupboard and found what she could only assume was the pie’s delicious yellow filling – a big jar of mustard! She filled the pie crust to the top and innocently created an odd mustard pie. This story came to mind when Shannon was starting her brand because it reflects the vivid imagination of children, just like each clothing piece Shannon creates reflects the essence of childhood.

Girls Birthday Dresses

Ooh La La Couture is a designer brand of tutu dresses for girls. They are uniquely designed to bring out the “WOW” factor in girls fashion for every occasion. If you want a cute outfit for birthdays, Oh La La Couture is the best option. The tutu dress looks elegant, but has a punch of flair, attitude and girl power. Ooh La La Couture comes in all sizes from newborn (size 0-3 months) up to big girls (size 14). This means you only get a limited time to dress up your daughter in these cute tutu birthday dresses. So make every year count, start a tradition, and create memories that will last forever!

Parents all over the world choose Ooh La La Couture for girls birthday dresses. Why? Because these special occasion kids dresses are comfortable, durable, adorable and are so fun to wear! A cute party dress needs to feel luxurious and be fit for a princess. Ooh La La Couture dresses have layers of ruffles, fancy trimmings, gorgeous fabrics, sparkly sequins and extra girly touches like satin bows and Swarovski crystal embellishments. They use bright, beautiful colors and bold patterns for each tutu dress. All the fine touches and details make for a high-end and top-quality birthday dresses for girls.

Best Party Suits

Mix-match: Although shoes are supposed to match the accessories, a basic suit should complement the shoes. Therefore, black shoes should match a black suit. Grey shoes should match a grey suit. Keep the colors of your attire simple and fashionable. The shoes are to the suit as the accessories are to the shirt. This does not mean that you are unable to wear black shoes with a grey suit. This only means that the fewer colors you wear (3-4), the easier it will be for others to convey your ideas and viewpoint without wondering if you are colorblind.

Event: Casual Everyday

This is the best and easiest way to express you true personality in an informal manner. Forget the rules and everything mentioned above. You are free to express yourself in this environment without propriety. Just remember that everything you wear is a form of visual communication.

Best Luxury Clutch Purses

Even though a small bag is not going to hold a lot of items there are varying sizes available. You may want to consider a handbag that has some pockets. This helps keep items organized and easy to grab when you need them. One of the popular purses has a cell phone pocket and slots for credit cards, driver’s license and other card size documents.

Consider a clutch with a strap

Most small bags come without a handle or strap which means that the user has to hold it in their hands all the time. Depending on the activity you are attending, this can be very inconvenient. There are some situations when it would not be practical to set the bag down. Today’s designers thankfully offer clutches with handles and detachable straps. For instance, Gucci has an elegant bag which has a chain strap for a very modern look.

Best Leather Jackets

Pairing your leather jacket with a floral dress is unconventional, but if you pull it off it can really be a stunning look. If you’re going for that stunning look then make sure to accessorize yourself properly with bold heels and sparkly jewelry items.

The cropped leather jacket is another versatile type of leather jackets that you can pair with many different outfits. Jackets of this style give an hourglass look to the wearer. You can pair them with turtlenecks and pants for a simple day at the office or you can also pair them with your ultimate feminine dresses. And if you really want to try something new then you can add some fabulous earrings to compliment the look!

Find Bandage Dresses

But let me tell you bandage dresses are not suitable for everyone. It is said that clothes can improve or worsen you appearance. For this reason you should always wear clothes that suit your body shape. Bandage dresses are suitable for women who are slim, have perfect hour-glass figure and nice curves. There may be some women who have perfect bodies but are shy and may feel uncomfortable wearing such clothes. Such women should also stay away from bodycons and choose something more modest, which suits their nature. When a woman walks out of her home wearing a bodycon dress, she can draw a lot of unwanted attention. If you are of a shy nature, it is better to stay away from such attire.

Best Colors For Shirts

Lighter shades of purple suggest that you are sensitive and compassionate person. Wearing deeper shades of the same color, on the other hand, tells that you are looking to bring out the best in life. Tie dyes and even basic cool shirts in purple are a great way to boost your imagination. Try wearing them to events where you need some genius or creative ideas to have fun.

Bring Out Your Successful Side with Blue

Blue is no stranger when you talk about commanding cool colors. Wearing a blue cool shirt helps you think clearly and shows others that you are friendly and powerful. Most notable thing about blue is that it is equally loved by men, women, youth and even kids. Another reason most people prefer wearing blue is that all tints, shades and hues can easily be teamed with existing pieces of your wardrobe

Budget Prom Dress

The first step is to have a good idea on the style and type of dress you would like. These days, most young women prefer to choose shorter prom dresses rather than the more traditional long gowns. However, the choice is yours and you see dresses of all lengths at every prom. The best plan is to choose a length and style that suits your figure best.

Think about the colours you like and the different fashions in evening and cocktail gowns. That will give you an idea on what to keep an eye out for and on what is popular and what is not. Remember, you are picking something that you will look great in. It is important to be different and to make sure you don’t have the same dress as another girl at the prom, but in truth, it is far more important that you look fantastic, and that you suit every aspect of your outfit.

Best Beach Scarf

- A simple beach dress can be made by wrapping a large scarf around your body and gathering the upper ends around your neck where they can be tied securely.

- You could also twist the top ends of the scarf a few times after you have covered your body, so that you fashion a halter of sorts that can then be tied behind your neck. You’ll have a nice looking halter dress to go around in.

- A beach scarf can be fashioned into a toga dress by tying its ends over one shoulder. Knot both sides of the cloth just below your arm or near the waist on the same side as the shoulder knot.

- The large scarf can also be wrapped around your body and tucked in just above the chest to look like a strapless dress.

Summer Fashion Camp

Decades back it was hard to afford any designer stuff and one had to stick to street shopping due to restricted budget. Now coupons are offered with up to 50% off on designer labels at ASOS and Nordstrom. So what are you waiting on?

One thing to do before cracking is to spot the essentials of a desired look. Indeed, when it comes to investing, better focus on timeless pieces: a coat with a beautiful cut, pumps, a glittery top, a gorgeous leather bag plus bejeweled trinkets to create a magic spell.

How many of us think of avoiding fashion bombs? To avoid fashion blunders, follow the simple guide to survive in the jungle of fashion fraternity. Look for hot new trends and get rid of the old t-shirt that you carry with shapeless jeans.

Greatest Toys Around

Do your homework to find out which toys are the most popular each year. Each year before the holidays a new list will be issued. This can provide you with some excellent ideas as to what to purchase for your kids. Begin your shopping early so that you have lots of time to assess the options and choose wisely.

Do some research to see what the best toys out there are this year. You should be able to find ones at the beginning of the holiday season. You can use it to get ideas for toys to purchase for your children. Shop early so you can figure out which toys to buy.

Memorable Mother’s Day

The only purest form of love that exists on earth is the love of a mother for her child. She’s not just a mother but a truest friend, a counselor, adviser and your guide. Someone truly said that you cannot ever repay for all the things your mother does for you but you surely can make her feel special once in a while whenever you get a chance. One such occasion is Mother’s day. This special day falls on the second Sunday of May every year and is celebrated worldwide regardless of different cultures, religions etc. You can get your mother a nice mother’s day gift this year to show how much she means to you. But if you are clueless about what to gift her this year then I can help you decide some really thoughtful gifts for her.

Ordering chocolate cake

As I love her a lot, I was just thinking how to sort out her problem. As I would be gifting her something, I thought that it would be a good idea to gift her with a chocolate happy birthday cake. She will be extremely glad to get that. But her birthday fell on a week day and I was just thinking as to how I will manage to arrange everything. Moreover her birthday fell on Thursday – a day on which all the local shops (including the cake shops) will remain closed in my locality.

Easter Bonnet Ideas

This is one of the most usual ideas for creating bonnets. One can use different types of flowers for decorating the item. Real as well as paper/plastic flowers can be used for the purpose. Engage your  child for making paper flowers and pasting them in colorful clusters on the hat. If you have no time for making them at home, you can purchase them from market. Remember it is not easy to stick plastic flowers on straw and cotton hats. You can stitch the flowers so that they do not fall off while you are partying.

Christmas Ornaments

From tree decorations made with pipe cleaners to candy to crafts strips, it’s always pleasant to mark the year with a tree ornament made by your creative kids. When you want the materials to mandate what type of Christmas ornament you make, look to our huge collections of paper ideas. And find the ornaments by discovering pretty ways to decorate around your home with balls and trifle.

Homecoming Dresses

Current trends in the fashion world has certainly had an impact, especially when it comes to Homecoming. This is because they are simply the best choice for everyone. There are many activities that are included in the home, and these dresses will help you to manage easily without any pressure at all. Short dresses can offer flexibility needs and help express their true style of life. In addition to this advantage, is the baby shower to offer an opportunity for you to openly show your family and friends you are. Therefore how it will look and handle an event like this says a lot about who you are.

Short dresses do not restrict their movements, which basically allows you to enjoy yourself and have a lot of fun. See also their beauty and character, as they expose the legs. That way, people can see how beautiful you are. Sometimes coming home is all about fun, not elegance. You have to move and interact with many partners as you want. Short Homecoming Dresses home is also very attractive to the opposite sex. As a result, you may want to raise some eyebrows and just looks perfect. Just be in control of their importance in terms of fashion.

Evening Dresses For Cheap

The main reason why many people go for evening dresses is that they can be used for formal and informal events. Evening dresses provide a stunning impression that your embroidered bodice. For events like prom nights, you can always opt for the V-shaped bands that have sleeveless dress. These choices also have a tremendous sense of caution and class, depending on the actual event. Dresses are also known to give a perfect image of a woman and therefore it is always important to make the right choice when you want to align the body with the perfect dress.

When you ask for the best evening gown, you need to ensure that their colors match the occasion to attend. For example, a bubbly birthday party mostly the same as cocktail parties. As for colors, keep caution. The atmosphere of the event dictates the color and tone of your skin has a say in the color. This means that not all events will always match any color. There are many good designers both online and offline sellers who can always help you to get an idea of ​​the colors and materials that you need for dresses. In order to be fashionable, you have to ensure that all dresses are well-marked with a good fashion design.

How To Select Cocktail Dresses

Cocktail dresses come in many designs and colors that literally can be damaged if it comes to making the right decision. The communities in which we live has different sensitivities and so you really need to turn this into consideration when you get your cocktail dress. Never pull stunts bad cocktail events, and to make you bad taste. Great designs for cocktail dresses are worked concoction, silk and vagina. For mixtures, there is some made ​​with peacock feathers, Swarovski crystals and other forms of embellishment? Some designs, such as the establishment ornate always do it with style to ensure that those attending the cocktail can always appeal to both the dress and the woman who wears it.

Bridal Gowns Cost

The budget is also an important factor. Who pays for the dress, her fiancé, you or your parents, you have a budget. The more time you have to shop around and look for value for money, the more you will find your budget. Last minute shopping always tend to be more expensive. Time is also an important aspect for accessories. Once you have chosen your dress will be professionally installed by a qualified seamstress or tailor. Best bridal shops have their own tailors but it still takes time. Usually, wedding dresses fitted twice, most recently adjusted the big day.

Think about where your wedding will be and what type of wedding you have. If you have an item that can also influence the style of dress you choose. Evening weddings or large formal church wedding requires different style of dress. If you are getting married abroad, Caribbean, Hawaii, or Europe, like Paris and Scotland, all of these factors will influence your choice of dress.

How To Wear Maternity Clothes

You will definitely benefit from a few drinks free flowing maternity. You should also consider some more formfitting made ​​with spandex that will expand as your belly grows. The top coat with empire waist and those who always looks elegant. One way is to use to be practical nursing tops during pregnancy too. Is designed to fit your big belly and make breastfeeding as easy, convenient and unobtrusive as possible in the future. You can use these items for more than a year.

Even if you are not a fan of tights and leggings, are particularly comfortable to wear during pregnancy, as it can grow as needed. They are among the most functional maternity clothes. You should definitely consider getting two pairs of pants and skirts and casual labor for pregnant women. Most moms prefer models with a belly band, but there are also very low waistline that goes just below the stomach.

Maternity Clothes

Dresses and skirts with average length are some of the most stylish maternity dresses. You can go for the length just above the knee if you want to show your beautiful legs. The below-knee length is perfect for the office and more formal events. Casual dresses and skirts mid-calf are among the most fashionable today. At the same time, very short articles are not good for pregnant women, especially during the second and third quarters. The very long models can make you look bigger if they are not formfitting.

Draw focus to the top of your body.

This is a very effective but simple to look more stylish with a growing belly trick. It is best to all the designers of maternity clothes now emphasize the top. The halter necklines and sleeves always look fabulous. They are ideal for the office. The sweetheart neckline and V neckline are great, especially for formal dresses and tops. You can experiment with different types of sleeves as well. The pointed sleeves and butterflies are particularly fashionable. The band under the bust is a favorite of all time today trick still works.

Shopping In London

The first thing to start shopping at the London store TK Maxx. Here you can find clothes and shoes that are sold in malls, stores and even unique selling point, which is located on Bond Street. Obviously, this is a place where you can find the most modern, which is not observed by the British Conservatives.

Live a normal store sales here consists of long rows of hangers tightly marked by certain items in each. The most important thing about shopping in an outlet is patience and a little adventure. You can become the owner of the finest mohair sweater “Gilliano” a boutique cost which is 450 pounds, but here -. Only 65 Perfectly fitted pants “D & G” is available at £ 40. An hour or two – and shopping rewarded with a pair of beautiful, comfortable and surprisingly affordable “gems”.

How To Wear Salwar Suit

Regardless of what is traditional in his view, most women have a pair of traditional dress in her closet. After all, this is not a modern or traditional look, but keep a diverse look to the world. Regarding traditional dresses, shalwar suits are usually the most popular and well-liked choice. For many women, the best wedding clothes too. Almost all women, especially brides love to buy designer dresses dress style. Precious and tongue for easy and sober design work, obtained in a range of styles. It gives you “deserved” elegance on your wedding day, without affecting the ease and comfort. For weddings, engagements and other traditional rituals that sees women who use large and heavy embroidered shalwar suits.

Barlesque Shoes

If there’s one thing we can say about fashion is that it is under the sign of relapse, making a comeback once every few years in different forms. Gone are the days of clothes hair and unkempt spiky gelled everything from the 90′s and into the 2000 a clean look adorned with accessories chosen with taste, is popular again, as evidenced by celebrity Hollywood, flaunting its retro style from the screen and all the way to the red carpet. Factors that contribute most to the resurrection of ’40s fashion is also hugely acclaimed shows as “Mad Men” and HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire,” which alludes even earlier, at age 20 and 30. Along with tie pins, twins, Scour and handkerchiefs , these programs have once again brought burlesque performances and clothing associated with the scenarios.

Fashion Burlesque, some say, has the rare gift of turning his wife into a half-succubus look, enhanced the features that attract attention. Burlesque style shoes, with its bright colors and high heels are the epitome of a femme fatale, a stellar choice when it comes to evening attire. No visible only to add length to your legs, but with a corset or tight dress that makes the wearer appear thinner and more feminine. Available in a variety of colors, often head-turners and sign of trust and empowerment. Also indicate a preference for individualism and art.

Eco-friendly Viscos

My contact with the world of sustainability began with a desire to find a way to reduce waste, or at least do something to show consideration to the growing ecological awareness. Embark on this journey began to educate myself to make sure I can talk to the various options available and effectively understand the difference between real and sustained efforts to ride the coattails of real effort.

My journey began with a desire to find a way to recycle the beautiful flower arrangements that enhance milestone celebrations. I was encouraged to find that the options are good and your florist should know the process. If the florist does not have the resources available, check your home assisted living complex. When you think events food do you like? All makes and menu selection is a big part of the event planning process. At the stage of composting, the process is time consuming. Return with between applications, intermezzo, entree, dessert is tight. Taking the time to start a composting process, consider the assembly line, which leads to great use. Think outside the box. Go beyond what is expected, when it does so many benefits … results.

What is Bamboo Viscos

In Chinese philosophy, bamboo is considered a noble plant, along with orchid, chrysanthemum and plum blossom. Bamboo is regarded with honor, for it is not just a plant, it’s a part of life for people every day. After all, it is used as decoration material for furniture, cooking, farming, weapons, tools, and clothing.

Recently there has been a trend called eco fashion that involves the use of bamboo clothing. In this process, rayon, a fiber made of cellulosaregen made ​​using purified cellulose from wood pulp from bamboo. Bamboo Rayon is also known as viscose bamboo fabric descriptions. The final product is a synthetic fiber used in these clothes “environment.” But many against this claim that rayon from bamboo is really green.

Wedding Bands

With wedding season officially here, many couples struggling to buy their wedding rings for their upcoming nuptials. Weddings are expensive, ranging from clothes, rooms, food, music, fun and most importantly the wedding jewelry. Most couples spend an average of $ 1,000 for wedding rings together with many couples go considerably from the average. Wedding bands need not be expensive and large, high-quality jewelry purchased at prices worth the budget. Tungsten rings and wedding bands are not only the most durable on the market, the price is at a level most couples can afford. With online shopping is all the rage, many may find even better prices on the web, instead of shopping in the most expensive brick and mortar jewelry stores. The advantage of online shopping is that retailers tend to lower prices and make special offers to customers to entice customers to shop with them. Online jewelry stores to remain competitive. A description of current trends in men and women tungsten wedding rings that appear.

How To Buy Scrubs

These are the equipment needed for health professionals that you use in your work in a hospital or clinic. Scrubs are also designed to protect your regular clothes staining fluids when you do certain procedures. The use of exfoliants will keep you comfortable and clean through a long day of work at the hospital.

How to find the best quality scrubs?

Before you go out to buy costumes cleaning, there are several important factors you need to consider. You have to find the accepted dress code in your workplace first. Are there restrictions on design and color? Requires management to making only certain manufacturers? Check out what your peers are using. When you buy something for yourself, make sure you do not stand out too much from the rest of the staff. Here are some useful tips for finding the perfect set of scrubs:

How To Look Slimmer

Have you ever wished you could take inches off your waist? Have you been longing for an hourglass figure? When you enter a room, the silhouette of your body before you speak. The eye is drawn to its overall size, height and body frame. When you dress the goal is to create a wardrobe that accentuates the parts of your body that you love and hide the areas you want to hide. To look better, there are some proven tips to give your body an hourglass shape and a waist that makes your body look slimmer, healthier and proportional. Here are five tips for setting up your waist belt.

Choose high waist garments, including jeans, leggings, skirts and pants. The high waist is a great way to make your waist look smaller and located in the best area of ​​waist. To avoid an unkempt appearance date, make sure you get the clothes tailored to fit. Add heels to lengthen the leg and creates a sleeker appearance.

Envelop Bags Vs Tote Bags

A handbag is a comparatively large bag with a rectangular shape. The bag has one or two loops that go over the shoulder. Gout can reach the waist. A bag in the form of an envelope. The top cover of the bag is triangular in shape, giving the picture of an envelope. Usually you have held in the hand. Some styles may have a leather strap or chain for over the shoulder carrying.


A tote is large enough to accommodate almost everything you need in your daily life. You can store food, a water bottle, cosmetics, wallet, phone, and many other things. It can even accommodate a small or portable medium. Many women use when shopping. This has the advantages of two times. First, you do not need to carry their shopping bags. Secondly, you will help to reduce pollution and waste caused by the bags that have not been placed correctly after use. This is a boon for the environment. Bags in hand, do not have much space. You can store basic things like a cell phone, lipstick and some money, but not much more than that. It’s more of a style statement of fashion and luxury.

Pronovias Wedding Dresses

Pronovias wedding dresses are some of the most sought after wedding gowns in the world. This design company has made spectacular dresses for brides since 1922 and provides cheerful girlfriends in more than seventy countries, with their perfect dress for your special day.

The design company adds new dresses to its growing portfolio on an annual basis, to ensure that they meet the needs of all brides in the world. Most brides have a clear idea of ​​the style of dress they want for their special day, what many do not realize is that the style you have chosen may not be the right choice for your body shape, which is why it is so important to try as many dresses Pronovias that you can find the perfect fit to make a statement as you walk down the aisle.

The designer makes use of dramatic lace and embroidery, luxurious fabrics and beads, to provide quality dresses brides who are comfortable to wear for hours on your special day.

There are a number of different body shapes, so the first step to finding your perfect wedding dress Pronovias is to know the shape of the body.

Not straight, which is a no body curves, not pear shaped, which is a body that is close to the chest and waist but bigger hips and thighs and is not round, which is small hips and shoulders, but an area of major abdominal.

Enzoani Wedding Dresses

Many brides start planning your day from the time they are teenagers, some women know what flowers will be in your wedding, when you perform the ceremony, which will host the reception and until the designer chosen for their spectacular wedding dress.

Enzoani wedding dresses are often top of the list. This company has not supplied the brides worldwide, with magnificent and elegant design since 2006. This designer combines traditional European and modern styles to create innovative designs that are made of quality materials, and make a statement about what day the wedding.

Each dress is carefully designed with attention to detail to ensure that they meet the expectations of his girlfriend. This young and vibrant design brand has grown into a reputable company known for its exceptional use of materials and elegant style of brides around the world.

When choosing a wedding dress Enzoani, seeking quality, style, beauty and attention to detail. This design company meets all these boxes and more. They offer a wide choice to suit all shapes and sizes with the help of fabrics, providing a comfortable dress that can be worn all day without any problems.

Women Casual Wear

Zuri Zuri Flora always known for giving something unique and depending on customer needs. Earlier Flora released some of their best designs on sleeveless dresses for winters, it was a good idea and was a great FHIT market. Zuri Zuri also takes into account the diversity of the market and the different needs of customers, so design something that is unique and perfect for all types of customers. The clothing line that releases Fauna go through a process of customer and market research. Depends on what customers are looking for in the market and what can be designed or created for all women. Age does not matter, because this blouse is a casual and easy attire.

This long sleeve blouse casual clothes can be worn in everyday life. Either you go shopping or see a movie or take your dog for a walk, this long sleeve top worn over jeans and skirts. The blouse is a little thin just to make a little easier and more comfortable to wear. Wear something in this blouse is appropriate because it is see through. Of course, a thin fabric known to see through because of their material. However consist of polyester, which is perfect for carrying materials. The blouse is washable and is not damaged in the washing machine. The blouse is available in four sizes; small, medium, large, extra large. All four sizes will be available for this item is in stock

Wooden Eyewear

It’s about the latest fashion trends? It is updated with all the latest trends, something you devote your time to do it, either by checking the latest fashion magazines or watch fashion shows? If you are all about keeping up with the latest buzz in the fashion world, then you have to remember to keep your eyes on the latest trends in accessories and eyewear. Trends in all things come and go, including glass. There have been trends in large oval frames, cat’s eye frames, sportier frames, frames and neon. In recent years, a trend swept the nation when it comes to sunglasses and goggles that trend is wood.

What is Wood glasses?

Wood sunglasses are just what the name implies; glasses created from a variety of wood materials. Wood sunglasses became a big deal when someone makes the decision to use materials that were more abundant and better for our environment. These glasses are designed to provide eye protection required when the user leaves the sun, the style they want, and not have a negative impact on the planet that we all live. Along with all the different varieties of wood available in the sunglasses, to keep in line with the trend to use protection abound and not harm the environment, some designers have to use bamboo.

Glasses For Boyfriend

Does your boyfriend spend time in the sun on their days off from work? Does he have a job that requires you to do a lot of driving during the day or work in areas where they will be confronted with the harmful rays of the sun? If the special man in your life to spend much of your time in any of these scenarios, then you want to make sure your eyes are protected from harmful UVA and UVA rays from the sun. Many people tend not to use sunglasses because they do not want to spend money or find to be frustrating, do not let your boyfriend go out the bright light of day without eye protection.

Finding the right pair of sunglasses

If you choose a pair of sunglasses when her boyfriend there around then, some things you need to consider to ensure that you get the best pair for him. First, how much time you spend in the sun? Need sunglasses are highly durable that can handle some abuse? What is your preference? Do you care about his appearance or image conveyed? The answers to these questions will help you determine what type of sunglasses to go with it. Another factor to consider is whether the type of sunglasses that you choose to fit the shape and size of your face

Polarized Glasses

Summer is here and that means lots of time spent outdoors at beaches, lakes and parks sunbathing and fun with family and friends. Many times when we go out in the sun in our enthusiasm for any activity that will be attending, we forget to protect us from the harmful rays of the sun. This includes not only protect our skin from the sun, but also our eyes. It is important that you do not forget to bring a pair of sunglasses to keep your eyes protected.

What kind of sunglasses is best?

When it comes to buying sunglasses, not all sunglasses are equal. In fact, if you only get a couple of cheap sunglasses are generic with minimal protection. For this reason, it is important to invest in a pair of sunglasses that have polarized lenses to get the protection you need when you are out in the sun. UVA and UVB rays from the sun can do major damage to unprotected eyes. With so many designers sunglasses realize the importance of polarized sunglasses, you can get the protection you need for your eyes without sacrificing your personal taste and style, and countless options.

Duffle Bags Vs Clutch Bags

A clutch bag is quite small. The smaller clutch can contain more than one cell phone. There are some larger versions of clutch bags, but they can also contain anything more than the house keys, a cell phone and some money. It is a good bag. A canvas bag is the largest of all designer handbags. You can accomplish all your needs – clothes, books or sports equipment.


A clutch is used primarily for their appearance. This is a party accessory. It goes well with dresses and suits. A canvas is the exact opposite of a clutch. Used to its advantage. Used the gym, work, travel and hiking companion or for sport. The cover of both bags can be made from a variety of materials. The shell fabric is more durable than the clutch. In fact, if you’re looking for on the financial side, you can go for a canvas bag. Designer clutch bags, after all, is more for style and fashion

Color Stylish For Hair

You can help your customers feel good at any point using elements that are completely out of the box for them. Most people have their colors set to stick to, not many of its customers will be adventurous when it comes to color. By educating them in their color analysis during the last options for seasonal color analysis, you can completely transform your wardrobe with ease.

The careful use of colors of clothing can have a significant impact on that person. It can make you feel younger and look healthier, you feel more dynamic as they head to the office every day and is a great sense of accomplishment knowing you helped make it.

The style of dress that is likely to have a huge closet full of different colors are mixed and blended together to create spectacular costumes. Now your job is to create the same to help its customers improve their appearance no matter what the occasion.

Often you will have contact with customers who already have an important job interview and want to make a lasting first impression and in other cases, you have someone who wants a new summer or winter wardrobe. Using your color analysis training that you can create clothes that make an impression, while increasing their confidence and self esteem.

How To Select Bride Dress

Choosing your dress should be done with the dress of the bride in mind. The bride will have a clear idea of ​​what colors and themes you want for your wedding. Most brides already have an idea of ​​what types of design and style they want their bridesmaids and maid of honor to use.

Some brides and their bridesmaids wore the same dress, others like them the same color palette worn, but are happy for them to choose dresses to suit your shape and size gained style preferences.

It is a joint decision so it is important that everything communicates. After all, it is the special day for the bride so she must be the person who is happy, but if we all agree and work together to find the best options, then you will feel all wonderful and look beautiful on the big day!

Think about what kind of wedding. Will it be outdoors or indoors? Will it be formal, traditional, contemporary or casual? What type of wedding favor will be? When is the wedding? The seasons and time of day also affects the type and style of dresses chosen. For example, a traditional church wedding requires a more formal choice Bridesmaid honor, while a beautiful wedding on the beach on a tropical island bridesmaid will opt for something much lighter and less formal.

Luxury Socks

After shelling out the money that way, some men may be a mindset that is not necessary to go the extra mile with luxurious accessories like socks. Who is going to see anyway, right? Wrong! Unless the hem of your pants drag the ground as soon as you sit down, the socks you wear under the expensive suit to show, and if you use old socks annoying rather than luxury, which will stick out like a sore thumb. In fact, it is the most elegant attire, the more people notice the contrast between what you wear on the outside and what lies beneath.

Fortunately, compared to a high end suit, fancy socks are relatively inexpensive. Much extra money needed to complete the final details with a couple and the overall look of the package. The errors in these details can be particularly taboo for businessmen whose first impression can be the difference between closing the deal and losing the customer.

How To Be A Fashion Designer

The fashion and design industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. One of the reasons that this industry is constantly changing is the fact that people are always ready to adopt new fashion design after a short period of time has elapsed. Furthermore, people are often forced to change clothes by the prevailing weather patterns. These and many other factors explain the dynamic nature of the preparation and design. Suppose you just got a new clothing design, how to market it? This is the question asked by a number of designers. Overall, it is not easy to promote a new garment construction. However, the information is then obviously going to be useful.

Leveraging Releases:
When you are happy with your current design, the next step is to let the world know about it. You can use a variety of methods to achieve this goal. But press releases have always proven to be useful. Let the world know about your product through press releases. All you have to do is look at media agencies that have the potential to capture the attention of a large number of people. By using this type of media agencies, you will be able to reach your marketing goals. You can use this method to promote all kinds of products that includes a shirt, a lanyard and a blouse.

Salwar Kameez

Ethnic Indian fashion has found its way into the hearts and appearances on the red carpet celebrities. Not only that, people of different ethnicities adopting the style and inspired by the elaborate and comfortable Indian wear.

So when the world is flooded with saris and lehengas, salwar kameez which is the lie? Very close. On the site, has come a long way from being comfortable wear for a special occasion wear. It is commercially available in a variety of materials, colors, patterns and effects. The type of design is a personal choice for fashionistas who like the style and size to fit exactly to your liking. While Anarkali, a form of type of design, is top of the list, other styles like short kurti, Salwar Pakistani pants and knee-standard size Kameez, are both on. The wedding salwar kameez is one of elaborate design, the special day for the bride. It takes time to prepare and usually has intricate embroidery or work from zari (gold thread). The jewelry and accessories from India only accentuates the beauty of it all.

Why Find A Fashion Stylist

There are many reasons why men and women go to fashion stylists to help them reach their closets so. It is very difficult without the knowledge of how to put together the perfect wardrobe that you regularly use.

Most people have a closet full of clothes, many of which remain on the shelf and never worn, with a few key elements that are used regularly. A fashion stylist can help you with all your needs for clothing from offering personal shopping services for costume design and color analysis.

One of the biggest benefits of using one of these professionals is how much money you can save. Many people have gone to a store, liked anything they’ve seen, bought it and then realized that is the wrong size when trying HOME. If you live a lifestyle, you do not have time to return it, so it’s in your closet unused – lost money.

A fashion stylist will help you choose clothes that are the perfect size. The usual trend is for people who are on the plus side, they tend to buy things that are too big, thinking they cover. In fact, a professional will help you choose items that can flatter your body shape, boost your confidence and improve your overall look.

Best Bike Jackets

Who does not like to look stylish while riding bike sexy? Well, does almost everyone! But it is an important factor that we tend to forget or overlook sometimes; Motorcycle clothing. For years we have seen people killed in accidents in most cases do not have the correct security guard. I would say that there is the urgent need of the hour for men and women realize the importance of proper clothes while driving.

Your security is in your hands and you must know the right motorcycle clothing for that matter. For a long time, the leather motorcycle jackets make some news. Ever wonder what makes them so special? It would not be wrong to say that it is raining and the sun is your biggest enemy when you’re on the move. Since its arrival is almost certain that you must always be prepared to protect themselves from these harsh elements. These jackets are sturdy, with each rider looking for comfort. Put the jacket that you are good to go anywhere in the world wherever you are your destination.

Own Luxury Handbags

Although it is well known that women love designer handbags fact, you may be confused about what type of bag you might like. After all, there are a number of luxury handbags out there, and the one you choose should be perfect. Despite buying a luxury handbag? Leather is one of the best materials are used to make exquisite bags. Leather bags have many advantages and can help in several ways. If you are considering the possibility of buying a leather bag or not, here are five reasons why leather bags.

First appearance of the bag

Leather gives a very polished and elegant look to a product. No fabric or leather can make your skin’s natural glow. A leather bag is undoubtedly one of the essential items in a wardrobe of fashion. It provides a wonderful example of how materials can be joined together to create a quality bag exquisite

Breastfeeding In Public

Breastfeeding helps the baby to have a better immune system to resist diseases like gastrointestinal infections, ear infections, meningitis and respiratory diseases. The immunoglobulin A or IgA of colostrum or first milk that the breasts of women occurs, which protects children by producing a protective layer on the mucous membranes of the child. It also helps prevent your child from developing food allergies.

One of the main reasons why women are reluctant to breastfeeding is that when they have to leave, it can be difficult to breastfeed in public. But the truth is that it is not something that people will frown upon. It is the basic human right of the child. Women are worried that they could show too much skin in public. But the baby’s head can provide a wide coverage, and there are different types of clothing such as nursing camisoles specifically designed to make discreet and comfortable breastfeeding.

Ethnic Indian Store

Ethnic Indian clothing for women has its own special charm. Indian women may wear Western clothes for the office or for casual wear. But for special events and occasions such as weddings, engagement parties, etc, the woman covered in their best traditional wear. Indigenous women have different kinds of traditional wear including sarees, salwar suits, Lehanga choli, designer kurtis, etc. While some women prefer to have their dresses stitched by tailors, some buy ready and make small changes here and there, if needed. Now many online portals is also exclusive Indian ethnic wear for women.

Bright salwar suits for casual and special clothes

Salwar suits are one of the most popular dresses are mostly adorned by Indian women, as well as on other occasions. While casually used are simple; which is very ornate and decorated for the occasion. There is also the changes in the material of clothes. Salwar suits for special occasions are usually made of silk or georgette and is quite heavy with lots of intricate designs and embroidery on the dress. Online clothing store has large varieties of styles including salwar suits anarkali, designer, Bollywood, Punjabi and weddings in their collections. Adorning the beautiful and bright salwar suits with the right type of jewelry and accessories will definitely make you the center of attraction in all cases.

Which Color Is Found In Your Wardrobe

First, from her wardrobe to choose the clothes you wear most often, and you can stack them in different color shades. Eg. blue, red, green, etc. No matter what style of clothing, keep your face and see what the color for you. Is it take the color of your eyes? Does it make you look radiant? Have plate skin? Once you have the shades that fit you now know which department it belongs to the tone.

The cool tones – These people are more likely to be white or olive green alabaster skin. The eyes have a dark border around the iris, or can be a medium to dark brown. Definitely do not have hair or hazel brown eyes. The colors that suit you are black that can be worn up to the neck, and soft dark gray, navy to do more youthful with green emerald or turquoise, hot pink colors and strong purples. Do not select the green olive, apricot or beige.

Warm tones – These people often have red hair. From a rich brown straight through ginger and strawberry blonde. Your skin can be a bit sallow and freckled and his eyes are sometimes pale blue, brown, green or hazel boring. The colors that suit this suit definitely autumn tone colors like olive green, mustard yellow and rich warm brown. Never use black or navy just faded.

Different Type of Scraf

A scarf is a piece of cloth that is wrapped around a person’s neck, shoulders, waist and head. The cloth is usually worn for fashion, warmth, religious or cultural reasons.

Scarves come in all shapes and sizes. They also come in many designs. For example, there handkerchief scarf which is in the form of a triangle or square. It is usually made of cotton and is mainly used by cowboys. It can be used on the neck, head or wrap ponytail.

There are also endless scarf is a type of a scarf, forming a single circle without beginning or end. This garment is very popular in people who do not want to undergo the hassle of tying.

This is because you only need to wrap it around your neck and it will have the desired look. The clothes are usually made of acrylic, cotton or cashmere.

A headscarf covers most of the women’s hair and head and generally used for warmth, fashion, cleanliness, or religion. The fabric is made ​​from a lightweight fabric for warm weather and thick knitted fabrics for cold weather. Kerchief wrapped around like a headband or tied around a ponytail.

Cross Body Handbags

Bags Cross BodyBags is one of the most widely used. A luxury handbag cross body may be made of any material – everything from leather to denim fabric. Basically a cross body bag is a bag with a strap long enough to hang on the body diagonally. That means that if you’re hanging on his right shoulder to reach his left hip. Although there are plenty of designer handbags out there, you can be careful of what they cost. Designer Handbags Cross body seems to reverse the trend of rising prices in the bag and you can find one at a good price.

Of course, apart from the price, there are several other advantages to owning a bag also cross corpse. Ever wondered what’s so great about these bags? Here’s a look at five benefits of owning an exquisite bag crossbody.

1st Comfort is always one of the reasons?

A cross body bag is convenient because it leaves both hands free. You can not just carry the bag, but you can read a book and eating a roll on the move. It is very flexible and easy multitasking. It leaves you free to run without hindering flexibility.

Different Handbags Brands

Coach Handbags is first. Coach is an American company that is known for luxury leather goods such as handbags, luggage, briefcases, wallets, etc. It makes bags that are a class apart in terms of design. Coach also sells bags that are not too expensive (go with the standards of the designer handbag). One of their bestsellers is the leather bag New “Willis is priced just under three hundred dollars.

Two. Louis Vuitton

Who has not wanted a Louis Vuitton bag at some point in your life? It is one of the classic design houses that have consistently delivered impressive bags in recent years. Often peppered with celebrities and on the big screen, is known worldwide for its incredible craftsmanship. One of his more unusual pieces is velvet and crocodile leather bag, for just over $ 1,900.

Three. C Design House

Known to be ubiquitous on the slopes and a favorite in the fashion industry, C stands for glamor. The founder was the only fashion designer to be included in the list of Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people of the twentieth century. Known for make-up, perfumes and handbags, is C Design House a brand that inspires fashion.

Best Handbags Colors

More often than not, we talked about how women love the exquisite handbags. However, there must be a reason why women love to wear these bags. What makes these bags the perfect accessory for women? Why women spend hundreds of dollars to buy a handbag? What is the aura surrounding a luxury bag? Here’s a look.

1st Everything at your fingertips … literally. A bag you can carry everything you need. Whether a connection to a party or a shopping bag, a designer bag that you can carry with you all your needs and desires with you.

Two. They look amazing. The difference between a mass-produced bag and a bag of luxury easy to see if they are placed side by side. The look, appearance and finish of a designer handbag is far superior to that of a mass produced bag.

Nice Lehengas For Marriage

Many brides choose lehengas because they are versatile and can be used for a variety of ceremonies at the wedding. They are an excellent option for you to get creative with, why not get a little boastful on your wedding! Fashion has gradually developed to provide a variety of colors and fabric textures, so much so that it’s easy to get confused about what type of lehenga you want. Ethnic bejeweled lehengas has been the trend recently catching the embossed material and precious stones studded. There are innumerable designs and wedding dress designer can help solve the most striking of lehengas classy, ​​you’ll find the perfect outfit.

Conventional and draping saris Saris

Finding the perfect wedding dress is an important part of every wedding dreams .. All eyes in the room is sure to be her, and that is the reason why brides spend a long time looking for the right dress. Traditionally, wedding dresses were saris, so brides go with the conventional sari yet classic option. Saris have come a long way and now has intricate embroidery and zari borders that allow viewers speechless amazement.

Fashion Jewellery Has New Option

Fashion jewelry can complete your wardrobe without breaking the bank. It is made ​​from inexpensive metals and imitation gemstones. Entertainment, fake jewelry, junk jewelry, costume jewelry and some other unflattering name given gifts to this type of jewelry.

“Real” or other fine jewelry, jewelry, fashion is strictly enforced. It can be quite gaudy and garish. High-end fashion jewelry, imitation jewelry is more understated and chic.

What made it?

Fashion jewelry base metal, acrylic, plastic, glass, plastic, stone, wood or leather is made from. Is used to cheaper synthetic gems stones or Lucite include; Tin and stone jewelry, sterling silver, nickel or brass settings are displayed. The main reason for the use of silver and other base metals, as they are comparable to that of platinum. Today fashion jewelry is designed with a high synthetic gemstones; Like crystals and cubic zirconia. Brass base metals, gold and silver, gold and sterling silver included.

What Dollar 500 Can Do

Mulberry is a 21-year-old, was founded in 1971 by Roger Saul. A £ 500 loan and help his mother, Joan, he began Chicompton, near Bath in the garage of their home business. She opened Somerset England, in 1973, their first factory, rookery. Collection of leather poacher bags, binocular bag and dispatch bag initially were small, but they quickly became known for their British lifestyle brand.

Leather goods were made in the original factory in Somerset. The range is for the UK and the Far East to stores around the world, and all the men and women has increased in the clothing and footwear for both. As increasing amounts, some items have moved production abroad, and many of the men’s bags and small leather goods are made ​​in Turkey and luggage that are made in China, the company was declared in 2003 by director Ian Scott.

Replica Saree Has Charm

No matter what kind of dress you choose to wear, you can not just ignore a saree magical charm. Since ancient times, these drapes in every fashionable woman’s wardrobe and found a special place. Today, they are the trend setters, thank them when they are given a whole new dimension. It’s a wedding, birthday party or a simple family-get together, whether we are in this mind-blowing drapes to see the celebrities. Besides being comfortable and easy to wear, sarees with an unparalleled lovely Aura has the incredible ability to change his personality. Thanks to online shopping websites, sarees and other formal dresses for women shopping frenzy grows over time. Unlike former days, you can just look at a celebrity and long for her designer wardrobe. Today, you can own all of them and that too at affordable prices.

How To Become Pro In Shopping

For most women, shopping is an inherited characteristic (congenital, genetic, whatever you want to call it); no need to take classes because most of us are born with a BA.

But you have to follow certain guidelines, if we are to be awarded a Master, so before you grab your bag and head out the door to start spending, stop and analyze your lifestyle as it is now and find your style preferences.

Take note of their needs and style preferences.

Do you see a lot: Are you a social butterfly?
Do you work, and if so, do you spend much time at work?
What kind of job do you have?
Is it a job that requires corporate clothing, or a job that allows casual dressing?
Have a dinner with friends or relatives at home or at a restaurant?
Maybe go to the movies; complete with popcorn?
Maybe you go to a lot of parties?

What Is Image Consultant

I know this from first hand the matter. I never felt good wearing a T-shirt and shorts. In fact, shortly after the image has become a consultant, finally identified this as a problem. I am treated by recasting Qmassana – take them to a tailor to create a round neck round neck and shortening that were not a long time to a large extent and I always roll up the sleeves. He felt better, but still not as long as I do – especially if the shirt pocket, or writing on it was great.

I do not mean pants. I’ve never felt big pants. I do not like the way my legs look and feel clumsy and uncomfortable at any time it is on. So I stopped to use when you are 40 (yes, it took me a long time to get to this decision!) Now, my neighbor laugh (humorous) to me when I go to the beach with a jersey skirt, but hey, it works for me.

Lovely Wedding Dresses

Such as the wedding dress of your dreams? Imagine walking down the aisle in a dress ball, classic, sexy, fit and flare satin dress with a strapless or you’re going to take in the breathtaking? Favorite line of beaded sending you a grand entrance, and perhaps Ivory chiffon dress baby going to do? How to lace mermaid wedding dress – it’s what you want, Ruffles, what?

Decisions, decisions! Little or no details, even one that is soft – it’s your perfect wedding dress is one of the many details! How do you feel about adding a little color to your wedding dress? Or, you can not imagine wearing anything but white wedding day?

Know About Bodycon Dresses

The term bodycon wine contraction of two words viz. body conscious. It is a bold style statement and only women can safely carry. These dresses are usually made of Lycra and stretch bodycon dresses and clinging tightly to the public figure’s body and leaves nothing to propose for others. Moreover, these are worn with the right accessories to avoid. Fashion disaster Or choosing the right shoes, the right shoes, straight jacket or jewelry right, everything should be perfect. Another thing that is very important when it comes to wearing tight clothing underwear right. These can both morning and evening use.

Stretch Bodycon Dresses

If you want to know what exactly a lot bodycon is and how it looks, you can check the Internet. There are many shops that sell. Stretch bodycon dresses online It is basically a one-piece figure hugging dress clings to the body and extends from the bust of 1-2 inches below the buttocks. These come in three lengths know. thigh and knee and a half. While most women wear these dresses and evening dresses, they can be used in the morning, so if properly supplemented. They are available in a wide variety of styles these days of strapless dresses dresses with sleeves. The neck is low and buy stretch bodycon dresses line if and only if you are familiar with showing her cleavage. There are also tight dresses that are backless and there are people who have sight glasses, here and there.

Style Tips For Men

  • Shoes- Quality shoes should be a must for every man. Take the time to invest in a classic pair of shoes that will not only last for years but remain at the forefront of style. Understandably it may seem like a scary move to purchase an expensive pair of shoes however, it could wind up being the best investment you ever make. Whether it is a stunning pair of leather formal or casual footwear; a good pair of shoes really can make a man.
  • Fitting- A well fitted suit is the equivalent of a woman’s little black dress; classic, timeless and beautiful. Baggy and ill-fitting clothing is a cardinal sin and no matter what the circumstances can never look good. From your jacket to the pleat on your pant leg; nothing is better than a well dressed man. You can find an expert tailor anywhere with many offering bespoke tailoring services which means you no longer have an excuse

Fashion For Men

  • Smarten Your Look- The dapper gentleman is the one who will get noticed for all the right reasons so make the effort to smarten up your image. Invest in shirts and suits that are tailored to your body type and fit perfectly and don’t chose baggy clothing no matter what your style. Also consider what you are wearing and how; jeans and shirts with a tailored jacket are a great look for the weekend but have a look at what is available as you would be surprised how good you could look.
  • Signature- Investing in a signature piece is a fantastic way to add a little class and personality to your wardrobe. From a quality leather jacket, to a trench coat, jumper, shoes or a watch; something that defines you and your fashion personality while telling a story is a great way to inject some real class into your wardrobe.

Best Menswear

Although we may not have the sheer range of clothing and accessories that women’s fashion is known for, as men we now have an impressive selection of clothes on offer. From Alexander McQueen to Hugo Boss and Topshop; designer menswear has drastically altered but for the average Joe so used to the plain old t-shirts and the one standard pair of jeans, how do you go about discovering your inner fashion desires in order to determine just what is right for you?

From the world-renowned 7 for All Mankind Jeans to the Hugo Boss shirts; the variety is endless however fear not, you don’t have to get on board with flower power or start embracing neon blue clothing in order to be fashionable. Fashion is open to interpretation so remember it is all about you and not anyone else.

Tips For Designer Bags

Compare prices of the same product to get the best deal. If you find too wide a difference in prices, especially when it comes to well-known brand name bags, you should be wary. If you find a great difference between the prices, check out the official websites of the designers. The reputed online retailers that you know of and trust to know will also have prices. Narrow down what kind of bag you want to buy by browsing these sites and then use a price-comparing app/plug-in to compare prices across these sites. If you are shopping for a top brand name bag, there will not be a significant difference between the stores. This is because the products are sold under an agreement with the design house who establishes the prices.

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